About Tahoe Prosperity Center

Our vision is simple – a prosperous, sustainable, healthy Lake Tahoe Basin.

How do we create that vision? By working collaboratively with all the communities around the lake. By doing things differently and looking at issues with a clear sight line toward the end result. By focusing on accelerating positive change.

What we do:

  • The Tahoe Prosperity Center is uniting Tahoe’s communities. By working collaboratively across the Basin with two states, six government jurisdictions, and numerous federal agencies. We are the only entity working strategically to encourage positive economic, environmental and community change in the region.
  • We accelerate and embrace change. Parts of Tahoe look the same as they did 20-30 years ago. That might work in the case of historical buildings and may be quaint or vintage. But, too much blighted, poorly planned infrastructure is still in place. We facilitate agreements between jurisdictions. We focus on solutions, where others see problems.
  • TPC encourages investment in Tahoe. Who wouldn’t want to live and work in such a spectacular place? Tahoe’s internet speed is too slow or unreliable and cell phones don’t always work, so many people can’t live and work here. We are focused on bringing high-speed internet to all underserved areas around the lake and are working collaboratively with cell phone/tower companies, agencies and others to expand cell phone coverage while minimizing the environmental impact. We see a diversified, thriving, prosperous community for all.
  • We lead. Progress and change are not the problem. Status quo is the problem. Do we have all the answers? Of course not. But what we do have is the willingness to bring diverse interests together, to work through the issues, to focus on win-win solutions and to ensure a more prosperous, sustainable and healthy Lake Tahoe for all who visit, work or live here.

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